Wednesday, October 29

Down Under

The most amazing import from Australia since Miranda Kerr, Cate Blanchett or Hugh Jackman is a Tracy Ulman-esque T.V. show that HBO just picked up (smartest new programming since Entourage).  Summer Heights High, profiles 3 students in a public school all played by the creator Chris Lilley.

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Anonymous said...

YO! Love the Leased Ferrari jump off, but watch out, leased lambo is creeping. For real though, went to one of them paid screenings the other night that HBO puts on, with booze and stuff to get the cool cats talking about the new show. It was aight, I was expecting more from the H, but granted... I saw Flight of the Conchords in the same venue and it played aight then, maybe cuz I was standing up, maybe cuz I was half drunk, maybe cuz it was just a rough version, pilot. and that show kills!! So I'll give this one benefit of doubt, they accents aren't as charming as Brits, that's the bugger