Monday, November 24

David Choe: Exodus From The Land Of Play

David Choe's newest piece titled Exodus From The land of Play takes form in a 13 color screenprint that will be released next month. Choe describes the mystical landscape.
"in the land of play ,the sky’s rain fried cheese bread, there is non-stop fun and unlimited freedom, children are encouraged to commit acts of vandalism, fight, drink beer out of unicorn horns, smoke cigars that turn into bubblicious, and gamble and never lose, nuns show you their shaved vaginas and preach, up all night , sleep all day, where everyone plays and never works, where a kid can be a kid, and also where a man can also behave like a kid, do what you want, whenever you want there’s no responsibilities, no cops, no rules, no repercussions, and no consequences to any of your actions, but all good things must come to an end, I won’t tell you what happened, but everyone has to leave immediately, get the fuck out now! So Our heroine and androgynous vamp, donning royal robes and axl rose gear , leads a parade of donkey eared miscreants and ne’er –do wells armed with customized super soakers filled with gummy worm juice and milk from coco crispies(I won’t name them all , but Darth Nihilus,razorback, and Beta ray Bill are up in the mix), out of Cockaigne, maybe to wander the earth forever?"
What a crazy place & what a crazy guy.
From: davechoe

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