Monday, March 2

Joe Montana? Nahh, its the Tramontana R

It looks like an F1 car and a fighter pilot blended together with the grace of a weed-wacker.  At the core of this monstrosity is a 720bhp, 811ft/lb of torque 5.5-liter twin-turbocharged Mercedes-Benz V12. All of this power is mated to a sequential six-speed transmission that accelerates the Tramontana R from 0 to 60 mph in a mind boggling 3.6 seconds. (fast but a Nissan-GTR takes it by 3-tenths of a second on the 0-60 test) But the ludicrous tempo doesn’t end there, 124 mph arrives in an minuscule 10.15 seconds and top speed is limited to 202 mph. Why?

It's no Lotus though, it weighs a staunch 2,795 pounds, with 42/58 weight distribution. A shortened wheelbase has improves handling, the 20-inch wheels are made from light-weight carbon fiber and magnesium and encompass carbon ceramic brake discs within Brembo calipers. Tramontana plans to build just 12 versions of the R edition, per year, and will cost a mere $485,000 USD. If you house just got foreclosed, now is a great time to lease something your really cant afford!

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