Monday, April 27

Que Sera Sera!

BEFORE:AFTER:Whatever will be will be! The instant creation and demise of a piece unravels in front of the artists eyes, and he rejoices. So amazing. Nicked from Elbowtoe's blog:

"I was fortunate enough to recently be interviewed for a Brazilian show dealing with the New York art scene. As part of the interview they wanted to go with me as I installed a piece. I visited a spot that I have been thinking about for quite some time, years in fact where I used to ride my bike and rollerblade. What was particularly meaningful about this location was that it fit the needs exactly for a more developed installation of work that I created over the past year. In particular there was a security light that I have been looking for for a while to install the Icarus piece against. The install went quite well, and I was very happy with the overall composition. We went and had lunch, toasted with a beer and came back only to witness the death of the installation..." (keep reading)
"...I have never had the opportunity to be witness to the demise of one of my works. I found it quite breathtaking. I can not say I was bummed, the wall was very nice and clean, and I had the feeling it would not last long. But it was just wild to see the entire life cycle compressed in such a short time. The best part is that the folks interviewing me went up to the maintainence guy and began to start questioning his actions.

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