Monday, May 11

Rene Gagnon hits Providence

Rene Gagnon is putting up his art on ugly rusting crappy dumpsters, not beautiful marble walls. The act of putting up his art is definitely illegal. And our opinion is that it shouldn't be "legal". It is indeed an "illegal" act. But when you look at this photo above- Is Rene's act of putting up his art on a crappy dumpster "vandalism" or beautification?
Vandalism is defined in the dictionary as:
"an action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property."
So the question we ask ourselves is:
Is adding his artwork to an urban blight "destruction of or damage" of public or private property?
Yes, the dumpster is private property. But how is the act of adding art to rusting tin "destruction" or "damage"?
The struggle for people to recognize graffiti and stencil based art as actual ART continuesssss. (via)

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