Friday, June 12

Preview: Banksy vs. the Bristol City Museum

In his grandest-scale project ever, Banksy has installed over 100 works inside Bristol Museum, including an estimated 70 brand new, never before seen pieces. Work ranges from classic Banksy pieces to brand new sculpture, canvas and animatronics like those seen in the last NYC Village Pet Store show.

A bit about what fans can look forward to: The lower floor features Banksy’s work exclusively and a re-versioned “pet shop.” Elsewhere in the museum, Banksy’s work is mixed in with the “classical” works. Also on display is a complete mock up of Banksy’s studio (it is my personal dream to see this part of the show!), damn I wish Bristol was closer....

Closed for just two days while the museum staff was told there was filming going on, Banksy kept the installation secret from all but a few insiders and the Museum Director up until the very last minute. The most amazing part about all of this is that the show was funded entirely by Banksy, not museum funding!

Check out the teaser video above (0:50 seconds is my favorite part) and see more info, plus TONS of PHOTOS and a video walk-through of the show after the jump

Nicked from the HERE and the BBC

Check out the BBC video and interview, Banksy vs. Bristol Museum

Banksy Versus Bristol Museum
June 13th - August 31st, 2009
Bristol Museum
Queen’s Road, Bristol
Open daily, 10am - 5pm
Free Entry

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