Thursday, July 2

Habitual Echo... Rythmic Reiteration

Ask Iggy Pop why he's still sitting here today, well "sitting" is a vast understatement. The man's a virtual vehemence of frenetic fervor. But, ask him, I dare you. You won't get some rock prophet posing as a poet, secreting sanctimonious one-liners about how he saved Rock n' Roll. Nope. If you ask Iggy, his answer is quite simple. It's humble. It's real...

"I hung around, and I hung around, and I hung around." - Iggy Pop

Now stick THAT to The Man.

"This is the rest of the post for the next page"


Anonymous said...

Outrageously humorous! Posting this on my wall!!!

RU said...

Now I wanna be your dog!