Tuesday, October 6

I Pack a Serious Knife | Columbia River Hitchcock Folding Knife

This is the beautiful yet scary, but oh so necessary Columbia River Hitchcock Folding Knife.

"Anyone who's serious about the outdoors doesn't want to be over-encumbered with tools they'll never use. Don't waste time fiddling with your nail clippers, cork screw and other crap you don't need when you pull out your knife. The Hitchcock Hole In One Razor-Sharp Folding Knife by Columbia River keeps things lightweight and simple. The blade opens quickly with one hand and can be carried on your belt loop. The carabeener doubles as a bottle and can opener so you can have quick access to your other precious camping supplies: food and beer." Blah Blah, beer" "oh cool!"
Now. Us urban dwellers with like its fast opening blade and extreme stabbing/slashing ability. The danger from oncoming "over-recessed" thieves is real, and this will stop them from stealing your loot, or other valuable goods, like your shoes or library card. It cost about $26 and its available now, get safe my friends... (via)

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