Monday, March 1

FLOSSY | Louis Vuitton Manhattan Richelieu Wingtip

In the new collection unveiled for Spring/Summer 2010, Louis Vuitton has come out with the ultimate in luxurious lace-ups for men, the Manhattan Richelieu wingtip shoe finished in waxed alligator leather. Combining classical craftsmanship with a bit of vintage touch, this handmade footwear finished in genuine alligator skin features intricate stitching and a subtle pattern of perforations. Crafted using Blake construction, the shoes have a glove-soft leather lining for immediate comfort. Buying its name from the toe cap shaped like the spread wings of a bird, the wingtip also features a hand-painted leather sole. Priced at $10,000 per pair, it is exactly the kind of walking gear a man wants to buy. Dro, these have your name written all over them PLAYER! (via)


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