Thursday, April 22

Feelin' It | MAR "He is Mr. Brainwash-ED"

Los Angeles artist, MAR has gone after Mr. Brainwash in a great way. Finally someone has given that art fraud a taste of his own game. The stolen and reproduced Warhol image Thierry repeats ad nauseum, has now been applied to his face.
"He (MBW) did it to every person and their mother. So I figured that someone needed to give Brainwash that same stolen "Warholian" makeover he is selling as his own.

So I give you Thierry Guetta as Marilyn, therefore taking the entire process full circle. Ripped off, then ripped off again, then ripped off and over-exploited by MBW, and then ripped off (by me) and used as a critique on the very artist responsible for its eventual demise.

He has made Michael Jackson into one, Spock and anyone else that his graphic designers think up. So now its time for Thierry's image to be exploited, just like he did to everyone else."

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