Wednesday, January 5

Art in the Streets | Sam Bassett's Tape Triangle Points East

According to Sam; "The triangle points East which represents the direction the world rotates. When we meditate in silence we face East in honor of this fact. The triangle in the sky is meant to calm, protect and inspire. To do more with less. To translate the power of reinvention and stillness. To showcase the hidden space in between, when utilized, open great possibilities of life. This ribbon sculpture is my interpretation of a Tibetan Prayer Flag. For unity and wisdom".

Yeah its only tape and some ingenuity, but I challenge you to show me an illegal graffiti piece that has this much meaning, thought and intellect behind it, and I will quit life. I love ALL forms of art. I just hate this attitude of 'machismo' and superiority, surrounding the graff vs. street art conversation. In the end, its all art. Whether you want to be called an artist or a writer, you are still creating art. Sorry to burst your bubble. Its all one community that would benefit further from mutual acceptance rather than disdain.


Anonymous said...

I love Sam Bassett's work. He is brilliant and unique in his ability to create so much meaning with a few confident strokes. May we all find inspiration in his tape sculpture.
-Biggest Fan

Anonymous said...

Love it! Create on!