Tuesday, October 7

High Heels?

David and Victoria Beckham showed up to Macy's, NY to launch their newest fragrance looking posh as ever, but something seemed a little off...

No, thats not an optical illusion and its not a great photoshop job, those heels have no heels.

They are the newest product from designer Briton Antonio Berardi. Berardi explained in an interview that because you are in essence standing on your toes they can make any woman look "dainty". I'm not sure about how dainty they are, but the price tag is anything but, going for upwards of $3,600. Gym memberships are about $200 so I'm not sure its a fair trade for that kind of calf workout. 

On the other hand, Victoria seemed to look pretty comfortable (considering she never smiles). I'm pretty sure she wouldn't feel quite so dainty if she didn't have her handsome husband to hold her up all night, with or without the crazy shoes 

Talk about Pain for Beauty...

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