Thursday, October 16

Peace of Art

The Berlin wall was, for a many years a symbol of war, separation and oppression. But, since it was breached in 1989 the piece that remains has become something quite different. 

When the wall was brought down almost 20 years ago it was a powerful sign of the collapse of the Soviet power. The following year, Berlin invited 118 international artists to decorate the remaining section of the wall with colourful murals, many of them depicting the story behind the wall. Now because of time passed, graffiti and vandalism most of these iconic paintings are almost completely covered. 

In a bold move for Germany and the art world alike, the EAST SIDE GALLERY was created. A 2.2m euro project to restore this piece of history in hopes to have it back for display by 2009 for the wall's fall 20Th anniversary. Many of the original artists have been invited to restore their own paintings, only 80% have them have been contacted and they are searching to find the rest, in hopes to make the project as authentic as possible.

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