Wednesday, October 8

This Tree House is Growing UP

Introducing the fabricated tree habitat or "FAB TREE HAB" for short. I'm pretty sure this Utopian idea for building reusable, regenerating and recyclable homes brings a whole new meaning to the term "habitat for humanity". This idea for a community of "tree houses" is literally a prefabricated home formed from a tree. The tree would be molded into the correct shape as a sapling and once it was fully grown the "GREEN" house (Pun completely intended), could be built into it. The home would be constructed out of 100 % living nutrients, not only making the house a constant contributer to the life cycle but continually reducing the impact of humans who live there.

The concept for these "tree houses" was conceived at M.I.T (of course), and was later made into a film and then an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, NY. The exhibit is still showing, but not for long, it will be over October 20Th so run or walk but definitely don't drive, because after this exhibit you will really want to go GREEN. 

I always wanted a tree house when I was a kid, and according to this if I can live until 2100 I might finally get one. Check out more about the FAB TREE HAB project at

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