Thursday, October 30

Trick or Treat

Just a little something really sick to get you in the Halloween spirit....

Giving a whole new meaning to Trick or Treat, a man who lured his wife into his garage saying it was a haunted house he was setting up, will be getting 12 years in prison for attempted murder. 

Almost a year ago, Sean A Jennings told his unsuspecting wife that he wanted to show her the haunted house he was setting up in their garage. When she entered the dark room he blindfolded her and walked her up a ladder where he placed a noose around her neck. Once he saw her losing consciousness he decided he couldn't go through with it and let her down. He later told police he thought it was easier to hang her than to get a divorce. I guess he's going to be wear an orange jumpsuit this year. That's what I call...a gag ;)

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