Wednesday, October 29


I was pretty offended when Chris Martin and Bono covered Whats Going On? by Marvin Gaye and even more offended when Limp Bizkit covered Behind Blue Eyes by The Who, but nothing truly kills that spirit of a legend like attaching their name to an energy drink. Liquid Experience is the new energy drink claiming...

    "With impossible riffs, mystical lyrics and outrageous amp-torturing innovations, Jimi shattered musical convention, while uniting the world in an electrified celebration of peace, love and purpose. This new energy drink is a tribute to Jimi's legacy, the Jimi Hendrix Experience and their everlasting influence on music and those who play an create it. So pop one open, turn up your favorite Hendrix tune and toast the legend whose genius still inspires people all around the world."

Personally the only experience I'm getting from this drink is a slight twitch. I'm pretty sure there's only one drink Jimi would consider endorsing and it goes by the name of JACK. 

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