Tuesday, November 18

Bamford UK Rolex Customizer

Bamford & Sons through the Bamford Watch Company changes the playing field for the Rolex customization market - a market once only accesible by those with relations and funds to work with the short list of specialty shops working on GMT, Daytonas, and Submariners. Check out the Leased Ferrari edition Submariner, its the hotness.

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The Bamford Watch Company Online Rolex Customizer allows for the individual to modify the Rolex Submariner (Daytona, GMT, and others by request) by color options (face, wheel, date, and more) and bracelet (black PVD - essential). But like the small specialty custom houses, the price is not cheap. Expect to drop as much as 12000$US for the full treatment.

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Anonymous said...

"Submariner" was my nickname in college.