Wednesday, November 19

Guerrilla Gardening x c215

Originally from Hungary, Edina Tokodi a.k.a. MOSSTIKA is a resident of the one and only street art mecca Brooklyn, NY. Mosstika describes her art as "work with plants and other living or organic materials such as hand-made paper, sand, etc. I try to bring nature closer to city dwellers both with my street art pieces and with my site-specific indoor installations. More info. after the jump...

Mosstika describes her influences: "I'm influenced constantly by various experiences, meetings, readings; even by walking on the streets. What inspires me the most however is to encounter various media, artworks, or other people. It's the sincerity in a creative pieces that I value the most; that it's made with heart and hand."

We can't neglect the work of the stencil genius c215 in the left-hand corner of the photo.
From: wooster

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