Tuesday, December 2

C1 House

Here we see that simplicity and functionality can be beautiful. This house is constructed to illicit almost no sense of scale when observing the structure from outside. The inside of C1 House is focused on the role of room composition/furniture and there integral part in shaping our use of, or emotion derived from, any particular space in the home.

Architect: Gwenael Nicolas - Curiosity + Tomoyuki Ustumi - Milligram Studio
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Photographs: Curiosity

"...the exterior of the building itself, a specific material like wood or concrete would reveal the scale of it, the actual finish create a scaleless architecture. in the same way to achieve seamless interior materials were developed. the facade finish and interior is the same, a textured white finish, a specific melamine (collaboration with aica) was created to achieve the same visual effect with high functional specification for strenghs and cleaning.

The size, proportion, height and materials of furniture re-evaluated the perception of scale. without user within the space the real scale and size of the interior is difficult to evaluate. all the elements that could reveal the scale and function of the space were redesigned. the kitchen identity, usually revealled by the tap and hood design disappear as the tap (just a metal line) and hood (integrated vertically within the wall) was developped, so the kitchen function even open does not seems to exist.

A private house is not a canvas for life it should define life itself, each action and movement is defined and controlled by the design of the space and it creates the balance of life, the speed and rythm of the human body..."

From: archdaily

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