Tuesday, January 13

6 Year Old Boy Misses Bus, Takes Mom's Car to School

This 6 year old future car thief slash class valedictorian, missed the bus to school and decided to take his mom's Taurus instead. His skills he learned from playing video games helped him to navigate quite an impressive distance, for a 6 year old, before losing control (see and you thought playing video games only taught violent behavior to children). But in true Grand Theft Auto form he keeps going on towards school on foot, after hitting a telephone post. Now that's determination to get to class, at a very young age!
"When the six-year-old son of David Eugene Dodson and Jacqulyn Deana Waltman of Wicomico Church, Virginia, missed the bus to school in the morning, he grabbed the keys to the family's Ford Taurus and drove himself. Well, almost. The young driver made it surprisingly far, over a bridge and around a few corners, until he crashed the Taurus into an electrical piling...and then proceeded on foot, determined to make it to school."
Unreal! If that were my kid, I wouldn't even be mad, that's amazing...

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