Sunday, March 22

Adrian Champion - The White Stripes Reimagined

Sent to me by a good friend of mine, he knows music and this one doesn't disappoint. Its a friend of his named Adrian Champion, and his skills are of the charts. Just check out the White Stripes homáge he has recently finished, info of the entire project at
"I started digging through my collection and fitting all the pieces together. My goal was to use only samples from The White Stripes and a cappellas from classic songs and my favorite emcees. And of course, I had to rap on one of the tracks myself, with my man Brian Jacobs on the hook. So there it is, hip-hop fans, meet The White Stripes. Fans of The White Stripes, meet hip-hop."

— Adrian Champion

DOWNLOAD: Adrian Champion - Stars & Stripes (The White Stripes Reimagined)

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