Tuesday, March 10

CRAZZZZZY! Magnetic Video

I have little to no idea what they are talking about in the video, but the visuals are simply amazing! (Click here to go huge)

The secret lives of invisible magnetic fields are revealed as chaotic ever-changing geometries . All action takes place around NASA's Space Sciences Laboratories, UC Berkeley, to recordings of space scientists describing their discoveries . Actual VLF audio recordings control the evolution of the fields as they delve into our inaudible surroundings, revealing recurrent ‘whistlers' produced by fleeting electrons . Are we observing a series of scientific experiments, the universe in flux, or a documentary of a fictional world?
If that helps you understand at all (it doesn't help me!). The one thing that made sense, is the original Swedish study, done in 1744, was to try and recreate the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights, the actual natural phenomena, not the weed) in a laboratory to explain its causes. Think of this as the updated version of that study. Watch and see! (via)

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