Thursday, April 30

The Cube of Doom - Etienne de Crecy

If you missed this French mad man also-known-as SuperDiscount, at Coachella this year then you should probably ponder suicide. Haha, seriously though it was mental. He dJ's in this electronic cube that melts your mind.
"I hope you caught Etienne de Crecy’s first live show at Coachella. And I hope you were tripping face while watching that gigantic cube [if not, this video will give you a good idea]. This guy is still nothing but harsh French bliss. “Hope” is an unreleased track that Etienne has all shined up and ready to drop during live sets at that point when your face starts gets numb from all the good vibrations..."
At about the 2 minute mark it begins to really show you what this set is all about, the visuals are RIDICULOUS! Any stimulant or additive to your digestive system is recommended when this guys around. Pure bliss... (via)

DOWNLOAD/STREAM: Etienne de Crecy - Hope

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