Tuesday, April 28

Future Ex-Wives of the Day

Forbes has just taken a look at the world's most promising billion-heiresses, introducing us to our new favorite filthy rich twins, Kathrine and Cecilie Fredriksen (above). The 25-year-old blonde daughters of Norwegian shipping magnate John Fredriksen, who's worth $4 billion, each have a seat on the board of directors of their father's companies. Can you say schwwwinnng! (via)


Anonymous said...

how come one twin looks like she came out ten years earlier than the other?

Anonymous said...

LOL, thats what I am saying...the one on the right looks 46 AT LEAST!

Anonymous said...

Probably plastic surgery at the age of 12. Homegirl looks smoking in other photos, she's probably on her 14th vaginal rejuvination by now.
-Dro you know who this is.