Tuesday, April 14

Little Boots - New In Town (The Golden Filter Remix)

COACHELLA is almost here, its time for some music to hype you up for the madness! I'm sure you know the drill by now, show The Golden Filter some myspace love, show Little Boots some myspace love, get you wallet out and buy ANY future releases from them!

"...you have probably heard on some other blogs or myspace or wherever that there's a little boots remix by discodust darlings the golden filter. i have spent a lot of my precious time to dig up this remix as no one wanted to share it with me. not little boots, not the golden filter, not her management and not her label. but here it finally is, in 320 kbps and i think i couldn't imagine a more hot hot hot combination..." (via)
DOWNLOAD/STREAM: Little Boots - New In Town (The Golden Filter Remix) 
Link Updated 4/21

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Krys said...

Such incredible sounds, lovin it!