Friday, April 3

Method Man's New Freestyle is Hard

You may know him as; Meth, Johnny Blaze, Methtical, MZA, Shakwon, The Panty Raider, Tical, Ticallion Stallion, Hot Nixon, John-John McLane, John-John Blaizini, Johnny Dangerous, The Ghost Rider, Long John Silver, Iron Lung, Hot Nikkels, Big John Stud or simply as Method Man. Well the Wu-Tang weed-head is back with fellow 'How High 2' cast member, Redman, and the irie duo is scheduled to release their upcoming album, Blackout 2 on April 28th. This footage is of his freestyle at G-Unit radio. "... I'm sick man I'm what you call a fever, And I don't put no snow up in my cheeba..." Wu - Tang! Wu - Tang! Wu - Tang!

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Anonymous said...

That was HARD