Thursday, April 2

Nubeo Black Mamba x Kobe Bryant

"The Nubeo Black Mamba is a watch fit for a man. It’s large and imposing, daring and complex -- much like the man behind the brand, Kobe Bryant. Yes, this watch is the love child of a collaboration between boutique watch brand Nubeo (housed in Basel, Switzerland) and the 11-time NBA All-Star. The watch is unlike anything we’ve ever seen, and features the most complex case ever produced by any watch manufacturer. It features bold rubber, titanium, and ceramic crowns, pushers and screws. The standard Black Mamba will be released in a set of 810, for the 81 points Kobe Bryant scored against the Toronto Raptors in January 2006. 
The Ultimate will be released in a quantity of 240 (both in full black and black/orange), which relates to Kobe’s jersey number “24.” Finally, only 24 of the top of the line MVP watches will be sold, which is again related to Kobe’s number. What makes this even more interesting is that the Black Mamba is not simply endorsed by Kobe Bryant; it was designed with his direct influence, thanks to the love for the basketball game of one of NUBEO co-founder : YVAN CASTRO." We bought 2 of each (yeah fucking right, I wish) More photos after the jump.

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SO G! Lakers for life baaaby