Thursday, April 30

Supreme Canvas Kicks

For the first time in a while, Supreme has worked this season on some of their own footwear, rather than only depending on their collaborative footwear projects. The Supreme Canvas Shoe comes in 5 colorways and features a rubber sole. Is it something really special? No, for sure not, but we are pretty sure it was also not supposed to be. It’s a basic canvas sneaker, perfect for the summer months and the price is also good. The shoe is now available from Supreme stores and in their online store. These look a lot like a pair of shoes I rock all the time that cost me $10, but if anybody can pull it off it's Supreme. (via)


Anonymous said...

Supreme's own shoe? I feel like I'm taking fucking douche cunt pills. All Supreme does is take a current or classic shoe, knock it off and put a exorbitant price tag on it. Supreme rides the same cock horse as all you ass bloods in the surf/skate/snowboard industry. You are worse than hippies.

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That RUDE guy said...

See you at Cassidy's, I'll bring my shank.