Monday, May 4

Art.Genius.Sr. X (Senor X)

Graffiti artist Sr. X has been hitting up the streets of Spain with all sorts of stencil based FIRE. When asked about his art and inspiration Sr. X had this to say. "I consider my work sometimes as a joke, and others as a cynic stuff. So it could be something like jokenic, or cynoke, I don´t know, ha ha ha. I like working from a starting idea, not only because of the aesthetics alone, and I think more in terms of street art than graffiti. I love stencils and street interventions, but I don´t like tags or bombing. The things that most inspire me are those I see during the day, and most of all those that come up to my mind in that estrange moment between dream and wakefulness in which you think/dream the most weird and funny stuff." More photos after the jump... (via)

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