Thursday, June 25

2009 9ff BT-2

More Power, optimized aerodynamics, better performance-9ff offers the new BT-2 based on the Porsche 911 Gt2. It's a complete car which combines high-performance technology with suitability for daily use. The BT-2 has high quality parts which allows an output of 625kW (850 HP) and a torque of 920 Nm. These modifications push the BT-2 performance to a new level: 100 kmph gets reached in 3.0 seconds, 200 kmph in 8.7 seconds and the 300 kpmh get passed in only 18.5 seconds. Anyway you wanna put it this finely tuned Porsche GT2 is an ABSOLUTE MONSTER. More photos after the jump... (via)

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