Monday, June 22

Courage on Tehran's Streets; Photographer Is Missing

A LIFE Magazine photographer has captured some epic pictures of the turmoil and unrest on the streets of Iran. With more votes cast then there are people to vote, it is becoming more and more evident that perhaps this election was stolen by a dictator, in order to remain in power. A professor of mine, and expert on Middle East studies, once said to me, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." Well here is a perfect case. If you are on twitter click here to change your avatar to green, in order to show your solidarity for the Iranian people struggling against unjust and violent oppression.

"A NOTE TO OUR READERS: We are saddened to report that the Iranian photojournalist, whose pictures appear in this gallery, is missing. He has not been in contact with us; this morning we received the following email from one of his relatives. We will update this space when we have more details." -LIFE
More after the jump including photos and and the email from the photographers relative alerting the he was missing.

"THE EMAIL: Hi im [photographer’s relative], when he go out side yesterday for he never came back home and also his friend and a lot of our young brave people, government arrested them [. . .] don’t let them suffer in those bloody hands. With thanks."

Photos: An Iranian Photojournalist

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