Friday, June 5

HardBat Classic

June 26th-28th will mark the dawn of a new era for the world of sports. The one and only creepy fucker Judah Friedlander will host the Las Vegas based HardBat Classic in the Venetian Hotel. With 100k on the line, Bud Light as a sponsor, and an open invitation to anybody with the balls for furious competition, this will surely be an event to remember. The HardBat crew lets the people know that, "HardBat Classic™ is reclaiming the game for all the true players, and putting the power back into the hands of the people. " If you are a true warrior you will grab your padle and balls (ping pong) and make it out to Vegas for this glorious event; you know the Leased Ferrari crew will be there in full effect! Check out hardbatclassic for more info.

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