Friday, July 24

Feeling Lucky? | New Banksy "Donuts" Print

Banksy's street art authenticator POW (Pictures On Walls) has opened the registration today for the Banksy ”Donuts” print. The print comes in a chocolate and a strawberry flavors, each limited to only 299 pieces. A superfine silkscreen was used to get all that Banksy detail just right. At a mere £465.00 each they are a steal of a price. You can register yourself from now for 48 hours and then a computer will will randomly select 598 people out of everybody that registered. This is to ensure that getting a chance to buy a print is fair for everyone, and to discourage reselling them. Their price is also kept low on purpose,"... the artist insists on selling items below their market value." A portion will go to charity, just not one that has been determined or mentioned yet. Register HERE for your chance...

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