Monday, August 24

118' Wallypower Yacht

The 118' wallypower yacht is a sleek design merging high technology and tradition made by the monaco based boat maker wally. The boat has a vertical bow and aerodynamic styling that is almost military like. The sides of the boat are characterized by large faceted air intakes that give the boat its unique profile. On board the boat is capable of traversing rough waters at up to 60 knots with luxury comfort that rivals the most high end yachts. The bow and stern both feature wooden decks. under the hood the boat has three gas turbine engines providing 16,800 horse power. There is seating and dining space at the front and back and a covered cockpit also features a conference table, lounge and access to below the deck. There are a total of five cabins, accommodating 6 guests and six crew members. If you are thinking of spending the last few weeks of summer on the 118' wallypower yacht you might want to feed your piggy bank, this boat sells for 24.83 million USD. More photos after the leap... (via)

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