Tuesday, August 25

Feelin' It | Breitling Chronomat B01 iPhone Application

Like a few other watchmakers, Breitling has launched the Chronomat B01 iPhone app. Using the specific features of the iPhone 3.0 version, Breitling offers the Chronomat B01 application for iPhone and iPod touch, designed to provide a functional and detailed presentation of its latest chronograph. A precise description, technical data, a portfolio, a video and 360° views give an extremely clear idea of the exceptional nature of the new Chronomat B01. The application is also equipped with a unique configurator serving to visualize hundreds of possible customized versions of the model. The point-of-sale location-tracking system enables all devotees of mechanical chronographs to locate the nearest authorized Breitling retailers. If you're watch-a-holic like me you'll dig this... (via)

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