Monday, August 10

Keep It Shady | Porsche Design P'8464 Sunglasses

The new Porsche Design P'8464 Sunglasses are pretty fresh. They flaunt the sporty inner racing stripes inspired by the Porsche GT3 VIP Cup Car, the P'8464s also sport milled aluminum temples with polyamide fronts for extreme lightness and comfort. If you're into the simple yet sporty style of shades you got yourself a winner. Available here. (via)


Anonymous said...

Love the posts but you guys NEVER say what shit costs. If I see something cool or interesting I want to know what I need to lay out to get it.

Guy in the Streets said...

Will start posting prices as well as the links to where to buy. These are $380 part of the upcoming Fall 2009 lineup, available here: