Friday, August 14

Space Invader | “Low Fidelity” in London

Celebrating his “Rubikcubism" style, French street artist Invader shows off his new exhibition “Low Fidelity." It is located at the Lazarides Gallery at Rathborne Place, London. the collection of works includes portraits and conceptualizations of classic rock covers in his classic pixelated style. Invader even takes things a step further in some of the works by adding a high-tech twist to his very low-tech pieces through the integration of QR codes, which take viewers to a predetermined URL when snapped utilizing a camera phone with decoding software (as he did for his last show at Jonathan LeVine). This wonderful idea showcases the convergence of art and technology, and adds some commentary on how important technology’s role has/will become in contemporary culture. “Low Fidelity” is up until September 17, 2009. See more after the jump... (via)

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