Wednesday, September 16

PaperMonster & DirtyPilot | "Friends With Knives"

One of our favorite stencil artists PaperMonster, has a upcoming show you should check out. We are digging his work and so is DirtyPilot who has teamed up with the artist to present some of today's most talented stencil artists in a group show titled "Friends With Knives" opening on September 18th, online at The show will feature works from artists such as LECKOmio, E.L.K., SOULE, Peat Wollaeger, PaperMonster, L.E.T. , Nathan Phaneuf , A1One , Billy Mode, Ben Slow, Koleszar, Dave Lowell, Mefee, Roy Schreuder, and HAHA. Friends With Knives aim is to highlight the beauty behind stencil graffiti styles/techniques such as photo-realism, pop, and political stencils at global level with artists hailing from Iran, Germany, USA, Australia, France and the United Kingdom. See more of PaperMonster's work after the leap...

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