Tuesday, October 27

iPhone App | The North Face 'Snow Report'

For all the snow freaks out there, winter is coming, in some places its already here, and that means snow. Well, the "everything snow" brand The North Face, has come with the heat on this new iPhone app. It dropped today and its called Snow Report 2.0. It tracks everything cold, and has many new functions. Newly available Push Notifications, that alert the user of snowfalls at their custom selected list of favorite resorts at 24, 48 and 72 hour intervals. Its also the first weather and snow app to aggregate topical and resort related information from twitter feeds into a single stream for easy viewing. Also, higher resolution trail maps and avalanche advisories are also made available. All the great stuff from version 1 is there too. The best part, the app is free for all to download at the iTunes store. So unless your iPhone is full, or you hate the cold, get this app ASAP. See more screenshots, after the jump...

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