Thursday, October 15

Rhizome | Pedro Mealha

Rhizome by Pedro Mealha is an exercise in re-evaluating the role of the task lamp.
through his design, Mealha has explored mechanical movement, elastic tension
and the potential of certain materials using CNC/laser technology. The project emerged
from his interest in wooden dinosaur kits and the way in which the various components
are pieced together to gain a three-dimensional shape from a flat wooden panel.
made from two A3 aeroply boards, Rhizome uses an LED ring as a source of light.
the lamp was initially intended to be for self-assembly for DIY enthusiasts,
however, the project has now evolved into a ready assembled product made from
3mm bamboo ply and is fully extendible and can rotate. I hope this hits the mass markets soon, great design! More photos after the leap... (via)

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