Wednesday, November 25

30' x 8' Stencil Mural | Logan Hicks' "Sailor"

Brooklyn stencil artist extraordinaire Logan Hicks completed his largest stencil, a massive 30' x 8' image of his son, Sailor, playing with a train set. The piece is made with 5 layers and 150 stencil plates. Curated by Brooklyn Street Art for Espeis Outside Gallery. Says Hicks about his motivation to do this mural about his son,

"The funny thing about time is that you dont realize how fast it is passing until you have a kid to remind you. Each day my son grows, and although I love watching him sprout up, it reminds me of how quickly time is passing."
See more of the nearly two-day process after the jump. Photos by Jamie Rojo, and video and quote from HERE.

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