Monday, November 23

Worn Out Kicks? | JGoods Sneaker Restoration Kit

Ever had a favorite pair of kicks you just had to wear the shit out of, and just couldn't get rid of em? Well instead of throwing those bad boys out, try out the JGoods Sneaker Restoration Kit. This all-in-one kit includes a complete guide to sneaker restoration, a 12-inch square white towel, a stiff scrub brush, a melamine foam pad, JGoods Finish Remover, white and black JGoods Leather Paint, a high-quality paint brush, cotton swabs, and a scourer sponge, all arriving in stylish shoebox packaging. Everything you need to turn those old worn out dunks back into the cripsy goodness they were when you bought them, well close at least. The kit costs $35. (via)

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