Thursday, December 10

Awe Inspiring | The MTN Diaries

Today class, we give you something bigger than a one minute clip of artistry on youTube. This is a lesson in history and for those of you who consume, art in any form, it is to satiate that hunger inside like a four course meal with wine pairings. I speak of course of The Montana Diaries, "The first graffiti movie to be exclusively released on the internet." CLICK HERE TO WATCH

"Today Montana Colors and All City celebrate the launching of the 94 spraypaint, and take this occasion to support the production of an original movie - and still allow everyone to get it..."
The movie is about 30 minutes long, the some notable artists include, Twist, Amaze, and Seen amongst many others. Montana's 94 paint works great and looks great, and this video is a definite reminder of the possibilities one little can of paint holds. WATCH IT HERE AT Montana Colors...

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