Monday, December 28

Banksy vs. Robbo | Round 2

So we all know that the ever-infamous Banksy has graced London's Regent Canal's with 4 new pieces of Banskydom. But the real story was what he covered up in the process. Street artists loved the Banksy reworking of the 25 year old ROBBO piece. Graff writer's, however, did not. They got all up in arms because some fossil of a graffiti piece was covered up, not by another piece (which might be considered acceptable), but by a paste-up (a huge "no no"). Duh duh duhhhh!

Well, feeding off the new life that Banksy brought to the piece, which was long dead and forgotten, ROBBO went back to "his" spot and repainted it. Instead of totally covering up the piece, in true graffiti writer style, ROBBO chose to rework the piece to better suit him. So he gives us "King Robbo" done in archaic lettering with little finesse, it makes you wonder what ROBBO has been doing in those 25 years since he painted this last piece. Definitely not working on his technique, because technically this thing is a piece of shit. Way to cover up the masterful techniques used to make the Banksy piece art, and introduce some masking tape and shitty letter work in its place. I don't understand the bad vibes between street artists and writer's, its just old stereotypes that are continuing to be propagated today. We are all just mere vandals, cant we get along?

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