Wednesday, December 9

Dolce & Gabbana | Limited Edition Gold Sunglasses

In the spirit of the holidays, its time to whip out that wallet and purchase items of substantial monetary value, to give to others, to show them just how much you really care. If you care about having the newest of the new, and only like buying things that comes in runs of 500 or less, then these new sunnies are for you. Dolce & Gabbana, has introduced its brand new Gold Edition, collection of sophisticated and exclusive eyewear. The limited-edition line of sun and prescription glasses feature striking gold details contrast against beautiful dark accents. Priced at $580, each pair of glasses is presented in its own jewelry box featuring a plate with the words “Dolce & Gabbana Gold Edition” engraved on it, along with two tiny side drawers to hold the cleaning cloth and certificate of authenticity. They look a bit like an updated, fashionista version of a Ray-Ban, but they are fly! See more detailed photos after the leap...

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