Wednesday, December 16

OriginalFake | KAWS 4' Dissected Black Companion

World famous artist KAWS, has earned the luxury of being able to release almost-anything he has created/designed and having it, not only sell out, but at do so at top-rate prices too. This is every artists dream, as it allows you to create anything you can conceptualize and go to work at will, as you are not fending for scraps outside the local gallery anymore.

The Companion has been a phenomena since it was created. Then KAWS decided to partially "dissect it", showing his characters 'in-workings', and boom, another hit. Make anything that is this cool already, 4 feet tall, and only produce them in extremely limited runs, and what you get is very rare, very very expensive Medicom Toy. With the instantaneous sales of the other colorways, OriginalFake is dropping another KAWS 4 foot Dissected Companion, this time in black. It has been announced that they will be releasing this vinyl gem, this Saturday, December 19th at the OriginalFake store in Japan. So unless you are in Tokyo, have a G5 on the tarmac fueled up, or like to pay crazy prices on ebay, you are just like me, and have little to no chance of owning one of these. Ever.

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