Wednesday, December 23

Sound | Gibson Jimmy Page 'Number Two' Les Paul

The Les Paul Standard that still remains the industry standard is hard to come by, however, the Gibson Custom Shop has announced the Jimmy Page “Number Two” Les Paul for those who significantly love the impacting sound of electric music. The faded, weathered look, as it is with every Les Paul Standard, the Jimmy Page “Number Two” Les Paul has a beautiful sunburst finish with a red element that fades to a dusky amber-brown, along with a clear serial number dating it to 1959. Produced in a limited edition of only 325, with two levels of aging: the first 25 instruments are to be aged by vintage-reproduction master Tom Murphy then inspected, played and hand signed and numbered by Jimmy Page personally. An additional 100 guitars will be given the extensive aging treatment, and 200 will be finished to Gibson’s VOS specs. Apart from being the guitar of choice for rock stars, this musical instrument having the vintage feel with more oomph will stay with the generations to come. (via)

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