Wednesday, December 9

WOW | Ferrari F70

Speculation is heating up surrounding the so-called F70, Ferrari’s long-awaited “hypercar” successor to the coveted Enzo. The latest rumours say the famed marque will use a twin-turbo V8 for the powertrain, enabling the vehicle to be smaller, lighter, faster and more fuel efficient than the Enzo, employing technology from the legendary FXX, a sort of Enzo on steroids. Pricing on the F70, which like the Enzo will be limited to only 399 examples slated for delivery in 2012, is expected to be in the €660,000 range.

Also like the FXX, you’ll need a personal invitation from Ferrari in order to have the privilege of purchasing one. To keep the weight down carbon fibre body panels, carbon-ceramic brakes and fairly Spartan cabin are expected, so even if the Enzo V12’s output of 660 hp is not exceeded by much the F70 will go a hell of a lot faster. With its engine (harking back to the one in the F40) experts reckon on a 0 – 60 mph clock of three seconds and a top speed in excess of 230 mph – about as fast as well-heeled enthusiasts will race to get their hands on one of these. (via)

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