Wednesday, January 6

Art.Genius.Justin Bua

Living legend, Justin Bua, just created this new piece titled "The Greatest" as a tribute to the one and only Muhammad Ali.

BUA had this to say about his recent project with Ali, "I just recently completed a painting very close to my heart: "The Greatest". "The Greatest" is a tribute to Muhammad Ali and the tremendous impact he had on not just the sport of boxing, but on the world. In my mind, he is not only the first world-renowned sports icon and an amazing humanitarian, but also one of the founding fathers of hip-hop culture. Adding to the pleasure of doing this piece, was knowing that Muhammad Ali, who personally signed the limited edition of 12 prints and the original, liked the painting so much that he kept 2 of the limited edition prints for himself. For more information about BUA, please visit his website at

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