Tuesday, January 26

This Made My Day | KiD CuDi "Cudderisback"

My prized possession, a hand painted Schwinn Madison was jacked today, and literally 30 minutes later, my buddy sends me this video. It made me smile and trust me, I was in no mood to smile. I was pissed! KiD CuDi "cudderisback" - Directed by Jason Goldwatch - DatNewCudi.com on Vimeo.
Wanna get up in my mind, wanna know about me and Amanda Bynes/ Wanna know really really really who I'm datin', is she civialian or super-duper famous/ Is she African American, Caucasain or Asian.. or maybe Spanish/ It dont matter my nigga I love them all, as long as she dont need stupid amounts of make-up, to make up, the self esteem. selfish dreams to reflect the blessing/ I am tap dancing on a cloud, successful raps I might scream out loud/
DOWNLOAD/LISTEN: KiD CuDi - Cudderisback

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Anonymous said...

makes me want to stop working right now and have fun. kid is the man